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Solskjaer thinks Paul Pogba is misunderstood as a player

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During an extensive Q&A for Manchester United ahead of the pre-season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeps his hopes up with Paul Pogba.

The situation between Paul Pogba and Manchester United is still ongoing, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hopes it can settle soon.

The French midfielder wants to play at Real Madrid under Zinedine Zidane, but Ole is desperate to keep his best player inside the club and he is doing everything he can to keep him there.

Whether it’s a wage increase, offering him the captaincy, or praising on every chance he gets.

Paul Pogba is currently the most delicate matter within Manchester United, there is simply no other footballer who matters as much as he does right now.

Agent Mino Raiola initially wanted to take a more aggressive approach with his exit, public statements came on a daily basis but Real Madrid doesn’t want to spook the Red Devils.

There is a scenario in which Manchester United could simply refuse to let Paul Pogba leave and not negotiate with Los Blancos.

There is no question that Zinedine Zidane only guarantees titles this season if Florentino Perez closes in on Paul, but the whole negotiation process will be very complicated for the Spanish giants.

Solskjaer sent his latest message to the player, he is practically begging Paul not to leave.

“Paul is a fantastic player, a fantastic human being, always been a great professional,” the Norwegian said via BBC Sport.

“I’ve had a great relationship with him. Of course, I had him in the reserves a few years back.”

“And I said, ‘If he’s in your squad, you’d build a team around him’ – and, of course, I haven’t changed that much since then, so I would say the same now.”

“Man United fans, they know football. Man United fans have been through a successful period, some supported us way before the successful times with Sir Alex (Ferguson) as well.”

“But they don’t have the social media. We know Paul has been criticised by a few, but he’s loved loads more.”

“We have to aim for further up than fourth. I would rather be an optimist and be wrong than a pessimist and be right.”

“I am not used to us being fifth or sixth but that is where we are at. That is the size of the challenge. I love that challenge.”

“We have to work with the players, sign the right types and gradually make our way to the challenging line. Our players do have quality.”

“They do have a chance. We just need consistency,” concluded Solskjaer.

Real Madrid will wait until the final days of the transfer window.

In previous years, the Premier League had August 31 as the transfer deadline.

This has changed in recent years, it has been moved to August 8 just for English football and this leaves the rest of the clubs very little room to wiggle.

Perez is aware that the Red Devils will take this negotiation process to the very last minute of the deadline.

This could actually turn into another situation like the one with David de Gea, but Perez wants to avoid that at any cost.

The best strategy Real Madrid has it to sell many players during the next couple of weeks in order to get the money that Manchester United is demanding.

Even though Los Blancos know that asking €180 million for this midfielder is too much, they are also desperate because they consider him essential for the new project.

With this in mind, Perez will do everything he can to sell as many players as he can in order to get the cash for Paul.

As soon as we enter the month of August, activity for Pogba will increase dramatically and we’ll finally know where he is going to play next season. But for now, we wait.

How long will it take for Real Madrid to gather Paul Pogba’s transfer fee? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.