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Solskjaer to Van Persie: You took my shirt number but that’s all

Robin van Persie, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United, Premier League
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An unexpected beef arose after Robin van Persie criticized Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s demeanor after Manchester United’s matches, prompting a fierce response from the Norwegian manager.

The emotions were running high after United’s defeat to Arsenal a couple of days ago.

Robin van Persie was unhappy with Solskjaer smiling to the media after the defeat. He made his opinion public, saying:

“I would like to see him more mean at times, just be angry. I see him smiling after a game like that. This is not the moment to smile,” as quoted by The Guardian.

However, Solskjaer had a strong response ready for the Dutchman. He went all out, defending himself and criticizing Van Persie’s comments.

“I don’t know Robin and Robin doesn’t know me,” Solskjaer said. 

“He probably doesn’t have a right to criticise my management style and I won’t change. That’s definite. 

“He took my No 20 shirt and that’s probably all he’s going to take from me because I’m not in medieval times [so don’t need to have an angry modus operandi].”

If nothing else, Robin van Persie has now got to see the angrier Solskjaer he was calling for.