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Someday, we will know what Zidane’s issue was with Bale

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The problems that Gareth Bale is having with Zinedine Zidane are hard to understand, maybe we’ll know about them someday.

Gareth Bale’s most recent report about him wanting to leave isn’t exactly news, he’s had a beef with Zinedine Zidane for a while now.

We don’t really get what the problem is, but we’ve been trying to take a guess for at least two years.

The Welsh player has been on a love/hate relationship with the French manager, his main issue is getting left out of the UEFA Champions League call-up lists.

We all noticed the first time this problem became truly important when Los Blancos reached the 2018 final against Liverpool, and Bale didn’t start the match.

During that season, the Cardiff-born player was coming out of a long recovery period but he had been performing well in La Liga.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Gareth Bale should always start when he is completely fit. However, Zidane doesn’t think the same way.

The French coach operates through a merit-based philosophy, the players who practice better during the sessions are the ones who earn their post in the next game’s starting XI.

This is pretty straight forward, but the Welshman doesn’t seem to agree with this philosophy and he’s been quite vocal about it.

Ever since that first disagreement they had in 2018, it was clear that a war between the two was coming.

Fortunately for Gareth Bale, Zidane resigned after that season and he got a chance to prove him wrong.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with Bale and Real Madrid completed one of the worst seasons in recent history.

A year without winning a single title for Los Blancos can be considered catastrophic, failure is not an option for one of the most successful clubs in history.

A major component of that lack of trophies was due to Gareth Bale’s poor performances, the Welshman even got injured again.

This latest result from last season gave Zinedine Zidane the upper hand when he returned, his intention was to fully drop Gareth.

What came next was an unexpected outcome during the summer transfer window, one that inadvertently benefited the player rather than the manger.

With all the negative responses from several clubs in the intention to buy specific players, Gareth Bale suddenly became a must-have star.

During the pre-season, he kept getting ready for a new year and he was determined to earn Zidane’s trust once again.

‘Zizou’ had no other choice but to play with what he had, and Bale started delivering good results in all the competitions.

This all changed about a week ago, when the gaffer made another decision to drop the player.

What will Gareth Bale do?

The latest neglecting of Gareth Bale as one of the club’s stars was the most recent disrespectful display against him, Zidane crossed the line again.

We agree that the Frenchman truly had no reason to drop him against Club Brugge last week, and the squad got that unexpected result at the Bernabeu.

The coach didn’t only drop Gareth, but he did the same with James. This time around, we have to side with the players because the manager doesn’t’ really have many options to choose from and he still doesn’t want them in the squad.

It’s getting increasingly hard to understand how these two players are not in the manager’s plans, when they are both clearly fit to perform.

We completely understand Gareth Bale’s will to leave the institution as soon as possible, but we believe that James is still determined to succeed in Madrid.

For now, we predict that Bale is going to deliver another great set of performances with Wales and return with his head held high.

We certainly hope that the manager can see reason and give Bale the minutes he deserves, there is no way that he wouldn’t help Los Blancos in dire situations this season.

And maybe, just maybe we’ll know the inside story about the beef between Gareth Bale and Zinedine Zidane.

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