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Something changed between Messi and Argentina’s media

Brazil v Argentina: Semi Final - Copa America Brazil 2019
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After the latest Copa America disappointment that Lionel Messi had against Brazil, the Argentine press has suddenly changed its tune against him.

Argentina’s media has been ruthless against Lionel Messi over the last five years, they have been the ones who came after him for not winning trophies.

The constant comparisons between him and Diego Maradona were an everyday thing, they never accepted that the rest of the world saw him as the best player ever when they had Diego to praise.

The results of the last three major tournaments without counting the current Copa America were considered disasters by the media, they always put Leo Messi right in the eye of the storm.

However, something changed dramatically since yesterday. Suddenly all that rage was directed somewhere else, Lionel Messi is now regarded as a necessary player for the Argentina National Team.

It was about time they realized that those lost finals weren’t all his fault.

While even Leo himself accepted his grade of responsibility for losing those trophies, he also didn’t understand why many members of the local press were so adamant on bringing him down.

The reason Messi decided to quit the team back in 2016 was mostly because of this, there was a lot of pressure on his shoulders that the media created over the two years after losing the 2014 World Cup.

They didn’t care about other players missing clear chances, they always demanded Leo’s head on a spike because they were angry at the process without even knowing it.

Now that the new project started under manager Lionel Scaloni and a new generation of players, Messi is feeling very comfortable with this new group.

Even though we didn’t get the best version of the Argentina captain during most of the competition, this was actually great for the squad because other players could step up to the plate.

The names of youngsters such as Paredes, De Paul, Foyth and Lautaro Martinez are worthy of remembering from this competition.

Even though Argentina never had a clear project of what they wanted for this tournament, Lionel Scaloni could eventually find the competitive squad that everybody was looking for.

Messi might have criticized AFA for changing the generation in such an abrupt manner, but he certainly was happy for the results they got after this Copa America.

Sergio Aguero revealed the encouraging words Leo dedicated to the young players after losing against Brazil, this is a group that has a lot to look forward to.

We are sorry for all the Messi haters who are demanding for him to retire from the National Team, the captain isn’t going anywhere.

In his performance against Brazil, we could get glimpses of a more involved Lionel Messi who felt more comfortable next to the teammates he had next to him.

Messi confirmed the good feeling he had this time around.

Another bad result for Argentina might fool a lot of people, the critics will never stop coming after him as they also do with Ronaldo.

However, the true reading of this last match that Messi played with his country is a lot more positive than anybody would expect.

There were many nay-sayers who stated that Leo should retire if he lost this match, but Messi has other plans that seem very clear for him.

This is actually the first time that Leo felt completely comfortable with Argentina, not even the press from his country is coming after him.

The change is obviously positive, good things are coming for Leo and his national team.

“The truth is that I got along very well with this group of players,” said Messi on Diario Ole.

“If I have to help them, I will definitely do it. There is a great group that will grow and if I’m able to help them from any position, the truth is that I will be there for them.”

“A new project just began, good things are coming. There is a great generation of players who are very important.”

“The lads love the national team and there is a great base of players who need time to grow.”

“This is only the beginning, the future, and we can say that Argentina needs to keep moving forward,” he concluded.

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