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South Korean fans will sue after Ronaldo snub

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Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo did not play in the Bianconeri against K-League All-Stars last Friday and the supporters were angry.

Last Friday Juventus was in South Korea to play against the K-League All-Stars.

It was announced that Bianconeri superstar Cristiano Ronaldo would take part at least for 45 minutes.

And people started chanting his name, wanting him to come in.

But he never entered the field, and people were angry, leaving the stands early or even chanting Lionel Messi’s name.

Now South Korean fans are saying they will sue after Ronaldo failed to appear in the match.

“When I went to argue with [Pavel] Nedved, the vice president of Juventus, all he said was: ‘I also wish Ronaldo ran, but he doesn’t want to. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do’,” Robin Chang, Fasta CEO, told Give Me Sport.

“Many purchased tickets to see Ronaldo,” lawyer Kim Min-ki said.

“The Fasta publicized that the company had a deal with Juventus, which stipulated Ronaldo would play for at least 45 minutes and that Ronaldo would hold a fan signing event.”

“Normally in such cases, the plaintiffs will be refunded the price of the tickets, but I put this under a special case since the company — through false advertising — took advantage of the football star’s fans,” he added.

“For now, we have two plaintiffs who sued the company, but I have been getting a lot of calls today and I assume there will be some 60,000 more.”

“As for the mental anguish part, I’d like to say some of them are raucous fans — the real avid fans. So for them, it is very painful because they love Ronaldo and want to protect him, but they can’t, given the situation,” he concluded.