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Southgate admits that Sterling will have some bad feelings directed toward him

Raheem Sterling, England
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Gareth Southgate showed his authority recently by punishing Raheem Sterling with a one-match ban due to an incident that occurred earlier on.

Sterling allegedly hit Joe Gomez as frustration from the Liverpool – Manchester City built up.

This event caused a sketchy atmosphere in the team. However, Southgate spoke about the incident the first time.

Asked about his relationship with Sterling, the manager was fully honest.

“Well, I wouldn’t imagine that he’s hugely enthusiastic [about Southgate], but I can understand that,” he said, as reported by Sports Max.

“In the end, he’s with the group, that’s the most important thing. He’s a massive part of what we do – has been, will be.”

The relationship could’ve been even worse, as Joe Gomez intervened as Southgate wanted to send Sterling home.

Sterling will be back into action for England’s match against Moldova.