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Southgate is coy about England’s lineup vs the Netherlands 

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Ahead of this Thursday’s UEFA Nations League semifinal vs the Netherlands, manager Gareth Southgate refused to give away his lineup.

The UEFA Nations League continues this Thursday with the other semifinal match between England and the Netherlands.

Manager Gareth Southgate had a scheduled press conference ahead of this crucial match and the press was expecting he could share some details about the lineup.

However, the England boss knows how important it is for the Three Lions to reach the final and how complicated this match will be.

This is the first actual tournament that lasts several months in which a national team can win a trophy, Southgate wants to win it at any cost.

This means that any information about the possible starting XI he may use is staying very close to his vest.

The same thing is happening with Ronald Koeman’s possible lineup that he may use with the Netherlands.

The difference between these two squads is that Southgate seems a bit more nervous about how things can go later today.

The press does seem a little eager to know detailed information about specific players such as Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling, but Southgate won’t give up any of it.

The manager was initially asked about which player will be the team captain if Harry Kane doesn’t start the match.

Gareth didn’t fall for the trick and he refused to answer even that question.

“I don’t want to discuss the captaincy. Basically, Harry Kane is our captain.,” said Southgate via Four Four Two.

“If Harry Kane doesn’t play I have a decision to make. At this moment in time, I’m not prepared to do that.”

“If I confirmed anything about the team other than Raheem playing I would be doing half of Ronald’s job for him.”

“If I tell you Harry Kane’s playing tomorrow I’m giving Ronald half the team as well.” “Well, it’s been a strange, different sort of preparation,” the England boss added.

“But every time you get together with international teams, there is always complications of some sort.”

“In March, we lost eight players with injury and young players came in and played brilliantly, so we’ve shown incredible adaptability and resilience as a team over the last two years in particular.”

“I think in terms of where the players are at, I have got to assess all the players that were involved in Madrid because it’s a unique game, a unique set of circumstances, whether you won or lost,” he concluded.

About the importance of the UEFA Nations League, Southgate knows there are two competitions that are more important but winning this still represents a trophy.

England wants to win the semifinal against Holland and get to play the final against Portugal in order to win their first trophy in decades.

“We know, of course, in the batting order that it’s the World Cup, European Championship,” Southgate continued.

“We now have a new competition, which only the best 12 teams in Europe could enter in our division.”

“We’re through by right through a really difficult group, as are the other teams in it. So, we want to be in the habit of starting to win things.”

“Last summer we didn’t have a free hit at the World Cup because when you play for England there’s no free hit at anything, but there was less expectation.”

“But we weren’t as far progressed as a team. Now I feel that we’ve gained confidence from getting to the semi-finals.”

“We didn’t want that to be the end of it. We felt that we have got the players who are capable and hungry to go on and to start to win things.”

“We always want to be in the latter stages of tournaments, where the big games are the opportunity to win trophies. That’s what this competition provides over the next few days.”

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