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Southgate unhappy with England performances

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The Three Lions manager won’t rest until his team can win a match, as they have suffered lately for a win.

England national team needed to go all the way to penalty kicks to defeat Switzerland 6-5 in the UEFA Nations League Third Place match.

But for the Three Lions manager, Gareth Southgate, a victory after penalties is not good, and he will not rest until his team can win clearly in a match.

“The drive I’ve seen from the players over the last couple of days has given me energy because I can see the commitment is there to take it further with England,” he told Sky Sports.

“They are not satisfied with where they are at and that as a coach gives you a lift because sometimes you think you are the only one driving things.”

“I take energy from all of my staff and players, you saw that from the mentality they showed today,” he said.

“We’ve all recognized we’ve hit a certain level but it’s not a level we’re satisfied with, so we’ve got to go again.”

He explained: “We need to keep getting better and we won’t settle until we do that.”

“The significant step was the level of disappointment that we have left here going to the final and lifting the trophy.”

“None of us were satisfied, we played fine on Thursday but made ridiculous mistakes,” Southgate commented.

“So it was important we responded with a high level of performance, the players adapted really well, we changed the shape and they carried it out well.”