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Spain barely comes out alive from Romania in the Qualifier

Sergio Ramos, Spain, 2020 Olympic Games
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Complicated victory for Spain against Romania in Bucharest. Ramos and Alcacer scored the winning goals but suffered in the second half.

With the terrible news of Luis Enrique’s daughter’s passing on their minds, the Spain internationals had to visit Bucharest in order to face Romania.

This was the fifth round of the European Qualifiers for the UEFA EURO 2020, the Spaniards needed a victory in order to maintain a safe distance in Group F.

The Swedish breezed past Islas Feroe today, which meant they got only 2 points behind Spain.

Manager Robert Moreno took over from Luis Enrique as the head coach, his approach was an offensive 4-3-3 formation with Paco Alcacer as the main striker.

Spain dominated the first half completely, they didn’t score many goals just because the players were unlucky in front of goal.

However, this match should’ve been at least 4-0 before half-time. Dani Ceballos keeps proving Zinedine Zidane wrong, he was the absolute leader of Spain during the first half and we still can’t understand how he doesn’t have a place as a Real Madrid player.

The Arsenal player was always sharp with his passing and he always drove his teammates forward on the attack, he can also surprise you with shots from a long distance and he got a decent understanding with Jesus Navas as well.

Both wings were well-covered by these two players, and they also had Paco Alcacer to complement their efforts.

Robert Moreno’s was pretty straight forward from the beginning, he wanted Spain to apply high pressure from Romania’s box and not let them breathe.

This worked throughout the whole first half, Spain had already made important shots on goal through Alcacer, Ramos, and Jordi Alba before the 15th minute of the game.

This truly seemed like it would be a walk in the park for Spain, but things would become more difficult during the second half.

The collective effort from Spain got its reward before the half-hour of the game, as Dani Ceballos was taken down inside the box and a penalty was awarded for the Spaniards.

Sergio Ramos stood in front of the goalkeeper and scored the penalty with ease, this was a 1-0 momentary victory for Spain that felt like it could get extended even further.

The Real Madrid captain has an impressive record when it comes to shots from the spot, he’s scored the last 14 times with both his club and his country.

Goalkeeper Tatarusanu was an absolute hero before the break, he made a series of saves that prevented the Spaniards from scoring several goals.

The best thing that could happen to Romania was the half time whistle, they really struggled to find fluidity and they seemed like they were doomed to lose by a scandalous margin.

Spain comes out swinging and Romania recovers.

Right after the second half started, Spain came to play with a beautiful collective effort that Paco Alcacer finished.

Dani Ceballos was the mastermind of the whole operation, he delivered an incredible pass to Jordi Alba and the Barcelona left-back assisted the striker.

This was the 2-0, Spain seemed to be set for an easy second half. Things went sideways with 30 minutes left on the clock, Florin Andone pulled one back for Romania and gave his team a little hope.

The Spanish team wasn’t expecting this reaction from the locals and they had a difficult time getting back in the game.

The final ten minutes were even more dramatic, as defender Diego Llorente saw a red card for committing a foul that would’ve left Andone alone in front of Kepa.

With one more player on their side, Romania came really close to a draw but wasn’t able to get it.

The Chelsea goalkeeper was the man of the hour for Spain, as he saved a potent header from Puscas at the very last minute that would’ve changed the final result.

This win gives Spain a comfortable 15 points, they have won every single game of the qualifiers but they really suffered tonight.

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