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Spalletti blames the media for Conte’s speculation

Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Internazionale - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg
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Luciano Spalletti has once again blamed the media for fuelling Antonio Conte’s move to Inter Milan.


After wins from fellow top-four rivals, the pressure was back on Inter to secure three points to further strengthen their grip in the Champions League places, which they managed to win 2-0 against already-relegated Chievo.

Goals from Matteo Politano and Ivan Perisic ensured they would maintain a four-point cushion over rivals Milan with their last two games against Napoli and Empoli.

In his Press conference yesterday, Spalletti said the papers “must have their Robert Redford reasons” for claiming Conte is in negotiations with Inter.

He could’ve been referring to one of two Redford films, either All the President’s Men (where the Watergate scandal was broken by a leaker to the newspapers) or to The Horse Whisperer (implying someone was whispering in the ears of the reporters).

“For three months, the same things have been said. La Gazzetta dello Sport has written the same for three months. If someone says it’ll rain tomorrow every day, eventually it will probably rain,” explained Spalletti on Sky.

“You keep asking me the same things every week and I don’t want to be rude by not responding. If La Gazzetta dello Sport have written the same thing for two years, and over the last three months it was every single day, then they must know something.

“They are also pretty insulting, with headlines saying you’re spent, you’re empty, a flop, that in the end weighs on you.

“It’s not about me, anyway, because this sort of rumour mill has been particularly strong around Inter for seven years.

“It’s also nasty and offensive in its language and that is not the same way with other clubs. I don’t know if there are some sort of family and friendship issues here, but it is different with Inter.

“It’s only right that Marotta goes to seek out the best for Inter, so it’s not about that.”