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Spanish Football Federation claims they organized Super Cup in Saudi Arabia “to reach equality”

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The hypocrisy of modern football shows daily in front of our eyes, and it’s no different this time as the Spanish Federation decided the Supercup to be played in Saudi Arabia.

A mini-tournament will ensue in January when top Spanish sides will meet in… Saudi Arabia.

This tournament will see Barcelona face Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid matchup with Valencia in the semi-finals.

However, RTVE – Spanish public television service – decided against broadcasting the event due to Saudi Arabia’s disrespect of human rights.

Despite that, Rubiales is determined, saying that the cup is organized in Saudi Arabia because of “equality”.

“RTVE should change their minds and broadcast it.

“This is the SuperCup of equality, we could get the same revenue in other countries but we prefer to help Saudi Arabia reach equality,” Rubiales said, according to Europapress.

Namely, RFEF requested women to be allowed to enter the stadiums.

Apparently, this removes all human rights abuse, and it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in Spain.