Spanish football’s European dominance ends after 5 years

It’s been a dominating last 5 years for Spanish football in Europe, this magic spell finally came to an end last Tuesday night at Anfield Road.

The Champions League was completely dominated by Spanish football in the last five years, three clubs took the European competition by storm.

Since Real Madrid won that tenth trophy against Atletico Madrid, we had only experienced titles from two of the three squads that always remained up there fighting to win the tournament.

FC Barcelona won only one of those five tournaments, whereas Los Blancos took home four of those titles.

The spell was beautiful while it lasted but all great things must come to a close. We are experiencing the end of an era and we are about to enter a new age in European football.

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and FC Barcelona were the top clubs in the continent for all this time but they need a generational shift.

It’s time for clubs from other countries to take charge and start taking the trophies to another competitive league, the most obvious destination is the English Premier League.

We are currently on the verge of witnessing a possible all-English final between Liverpool and the Spurs, but Tottenham still has to beat Ajax on Wednesday.

All we can say by now is that Spanish football could be dangerously close to a new dark age, one that could take them a while to exit if they don’t sign the proper players over the next summer transfer window.

Real Madrid is the only club left with a competitive gene.

Out of those five Champions League trophies that Spanish football won in the last five years, Real Madrid took four titles home.

Los Blancos remain as the one squad from La Liga who can brag about having that competitive gene that only the best clubs in history possess.

FC Barcelona lost that gene way back in 2015, which coincidentally was the last season that had Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez together.

The Catalan club’s players who could be considered responsible for winning the titles for Barcelona apart from Messi were these two players, Leo can’t do everything on his own.

We are yet to see a Catalan club that doesn’t choke in the most important moment of the season, something that has become a norm in the last four seasons.

We keep thinking that Lionel Messi can have another magical season in European football but he keeps playing all the people that believe in him every year.

Many of us were fooled once again by Leo’s insane number of goals against relatively lesser squads, but he keeps missing that gene when it matters the most.

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Tonight was the ideal moment for him to respond inside the pitch, he was simply not there for when his teammates needed him.

Barcelona’s failures only elevate Real Madrid’s success to greater heights.

Is the future of Spanish football in doubt?

We are truly concerned about what’s going to happen to Spanish football in the coming years, we believe this is a year of transition for all the major squads.

Even though Leo Messi is still playing at a fantastic level, we simply can’t see him winning more Champions League titles with this squad.

There are several aspects of Barcelona that need to be addressed and fixed, starting with manager Ernesto Valverde.

Real Madrid’s case is slightly less alarming because they not only have the money to recuperate, they also keep that competitive gene we’ve mentioned repeatedly.

Zinedine Zidane is getting the next season ready for Los Blancos, they will sign some of the best players in the world in order to compete next season.

However, we truly fear that the upcoming year won’t be enough time for any Spanish club to recover completely.

We expect the clubs from England or Germany to keep a high level of performance.

We are expecting Premier League football to dominate the landscape for the next couple of years at least.

The Spanish football dominant era just came to a close, it was beautiful while it lasted.

How would you describe Spanish football over the last five years in Europe? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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