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Sterling told Gomez – “Don’t F*** with me Joe

raheem sterling, manchester city
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“Don’t F*** with me Joe”  is what Raheem Sterling told Joe Gomez on the field before their explosive encounter at England camp.

There are fresh details emerging from the fall out between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez.

The Daily Mirror hired the services of a professional lip reader to decipher what words were exchanged between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomes during their altercation on the field of play.

The pair had a coming together during the match between their rival clubs Manchester City and Liverpool.

Apparently, after the two squared off following Gomez literally manhandling Sterling.

Sterling had this to say:

“Don’t f*** with me Joe.”

“Don’t f*** with me.”

To which Gomez quite politely responded:

“Come on.”

The pair have since taken the argument to the England camp, where Sterling simply could not let the matter go and there has been the talk of a physical altercation.

Gomez receiving a scratch under his right eye after Sterling attacked Gomez trying to put the Liverpool player in a headlock.

Sterling has since apologized and it is believed that the players have reconciled their differences.

City fans are apparently backing their man to take the Liverpool player!