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Suarez: Messi has helped me a lot in my personal growth

Luis Suarez
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Luis Suarez has praised his teammate Lionel Messi for helping him reach his full potential.

We are no stranger to Suarez’s and Messi’s connection on the pitch. Suarez and Messi has been one of the deadliest duo in football in recent times. When in the mood, the pair produces one of the most dynamic football and rips defense into pieces.

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has credited his success on the pitch to his teammate Lionel Messi. The Uruguayan striker claimed that Messi remains a companion for him both on and off the pitch. Speaking to the club’s official youtube channel, the 32-year old revealed details of his friendship with the Argentine.

“Messi has helped me a lot in my personal growth. We had an affinity from the beginning. From coexistence came friendship, and the moments I spent with him also helped on the pitch,” said Luis Suarez.

“Everyone knows that he is the best in the world, he has proven it and continues to prove it day after day.

“He has shown me his companionship a thousand times. He helped me when I was fighting for the Golden Boot as I was too. The other day, at Eibar, he gave me a goal.”