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Suarez rubbishes claims Barca players rejected pay cuts

Luis Suarez, FC Barcelona
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Luis Suarez says he was hurt by rumors suggesting the Barcelona players were against the idea of a reduction in their salaries.

FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi just recently announced that the players had accepted a huge 70 percent wage cuts.

Many clubs have taken a similar approach. The idea was proposed to help them get through the coronavirus crisis – a time when the revenue streams have dried up.

Barcelona’s late reaction gave rise to the rumors that the players were unwilling to take pay cuts in order to get back at the board over their past actions.

But Luis Suarez has rejected any such rumors. The striker insisted that he and his teammates always embraced the idea and the delay was caused because they were trying to work out a solution.

“A lot of hurtful things have been said about the squad’s salary cuts,” Suarez told Uruguayan radio channel Sport 890.

“People have said that the players didn’t want to accept them. Then it was said that players from other areas of the club had reached an agreement when the reality is that we were waiting to try and find the best solution for the club.

“No player in the squad refused a wage cut. A mutual agreement was reached between the players and the club. The captains spoke to the president and nobody refused it.”