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Supercomputer tries to end Messi vs Ronaldo debate

Messi, Ronaldo
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The greatest debate in football, who is the best Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo apparently a supercomputer and some scientists have the answer.

We all have our own opinions, it’s either Messi or Ronaldo for the vast majority when it comes to the GOAT.

Usually every argument is put forward by a fan of one or the other.

Now apparently an impartial supercomputer that deals only in facts and figures has solved the age-old argument.

According to Belgian outlet Sporza,  Professor Jesse Davis KU Leuven has revealed the details and the results.

The professor explains the theory:

“A footballer’s value is often determined by goals and assists.”

“A goal, however, is a rare occurrence, as an estimated 1,600 actions take place on average.”

“Our model looks at each action, shots, passes, dribbles, tackles, and calculates its value.” 

“This value, known as the “Valuing Actions by Estimating Probabilities (VAEP).”

“It indicates the extent to which a player’s actions contribute to the outcome, both when scoring and preventing a goal against.”

“This gives you a more complete picture of a player and his value to the team.”

The results will not go down well with CR7 fans.

The professor added:

“In conclusion: Lionel Messi takes the upper hand.”

“The Argentinian of Barcelona has a VAEP value of 1.21. Ronaldo scores significantly less with 0.61 per game.”

“In the first seasons, Messi and Ronaldo’s scores are very close to each other.”

“From the 2015-2016 season, Messi is moving away from his eternal rival.”

” For most footballers, we notice a trade-off: or they make many actions with a lower value.”

“Or you have players who are less in the ball, but have a big impact.”

That is typical for strikers like Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“Messi is exceptional in this area, the Argentinian takes a very high number of actions and they also have a high value.”

While the theory behind the science sounds interesting, the record books show a much closer and less definitive race.