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Suso slams AC Milan for being impatient

Suso, AC Milan
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Suso desires to play in the Champions League and is hoping that he could make his Sevilla stay permanent.

Sevilla winger Suso has taken a liking to his new club ever since signing for them from AC Milan in January.

The Spaniard joined the Milan club in 2015 as a highly touted talent. He was loaned out to Genoa the next season after failing to live up to his expectations.

Suso did return and managed to raise his game. But the club’s lack of participation in the Champions League, going through a rough patch, and inability to put their faith in the system prompted him to look for greener pastures.

Suso has played six times in La Liga this season and has already scored his debut goal. And he would be more than happy to continue playing in Sevilla.

“I hope to play in the Champions League with Sevilla and to win something. I could stay here and I hope it does happen,” Suso declared, as reported by Football Italia.

“In my time at Milan, I had three Presidents, various coaches and dozens of teammates. You can’t create anything solid when everything changes each year.”