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Swiss teams reject Champions League “makeover”

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The 20 teams that play in the first and second division of the European country have rejected the proposal to revamp the competition.

The 20 teams of the first and second divisions in Switzerland have released a statement today rejecting the idea to restructure the UEFA Champions League.

The proposal was made by the European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA, who want to redesign the European competitions starting from 2024.

But the Swiss clubs fear this could split the continent’s football and could have “unacceptable consequences.”

“The dream of participating in UEFA club competitions and the prospect of playing matches against the continent’s major traditional clubs must continue to live on,” said the Swiss league’s chief executive Claudius Schaeffer to Reuters.

“Should this dream die, an important element of club football and supporting a team will also die.”

“FC Basel 1893 against Liverpool, Young Boys playing Juventus, FC Zurich paired against AC Milan or FC Thun versus Arsenal: It’s epic games like these that create the unique excitement for European club football amongst Swiss fans,” he added.

“We want to keep the opportunity to be part of memorable European nights in the future.”

The proposal would allow the biggest European clubs to keep competing season after season.

And the rest of the champions will have to compete for a few places, even after winning their own national leagues.

The Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga are also opposed to this proposal.