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Szczesny reveals how he welcomed Ramsey

Would Juventus pay big to sign Szczesny?
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Both players were teammates at Arsenal before the goalkeeper moved to Italy; now Ramsey is set to join Juventus.

Wojciech Szczesny and Aaron Ramsey shared Arsenal’s locker room in the English Premier League.

And then the goalkeeper joined Italian Lega Serie A giants Juventus in 2017, saying goodbye to his friend.

But now Ramsey is set to join the Bianconeri, and Szczesny reveals how he welcomed his old friend.

“He came here for treatment, but here we have the best physiotherapists in the world,” the keeper was quoted by Football Italia.

“I took him out for dinner one evening, he’ll be a great player for us.”

The stopper added: “He’s a midfielder with a lot of quality, he’s very good positionally, he scores lots of goals and provides lots of assists.”

“When he’s fit, he’s one of the best and he’ll give us a big hand in achieving our objectives.”

“Whether he plays as a midfielder or No. 10 depends on the new coach. For me he can also play at right-back since he defends very well,” he explains.

“Ramsey asked me what happened with Allegri, although in any case, he would’ve started working with a new coach.”

“We talked to each other a couple of times before he signed for Juventus. He asked me for some advice,” the goalkeeper said.

“I told him: ‘It’s easy. If Juve calls you, you can only say ‘yes’.’ That’s how it went and it means Aaron listens to me.”

“He’s had five months to prepare and he’s already picked up a little bit. When I took him to dinner, he said more than just a ‘hello’,” he explained.

“He partly understood me and that’s a good basis to work from. I’ll take care of the rest to give him a hand.”