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Taffarel believes Neymar is still in time to recover his career

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Brazil’s goalkeepers’ coach Claudio Taffarel, explained how Neymar can still save his own football career from completely falling apart.

We’ve all wondered if Neymar can actually still save his own career given how terrible the last two years have been for him, Taffarel seems to think so.

In order to come back to that sweet spot where the overwhelming majority considered him the best player in the world, Neymar needs to do several things.

First of all, we’ve already discussed how much his style of play needs to change in order to become successful again.

All the defenders who cover Neymar on a regular basis, tend to go after his ankles because they know how vulnerable he’s become.

Back in the day when he was relatively unknown in Europe, Neymar could trick all the defenders because he still had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

When he came to Europe to play at FC Barcelona, it was pretty obvious that he would become a player who would change many of his traditional characteristics.

It’s not the same playing in Brazil then Europe, the players from the old continent have a very different approach.

For example, defenders from Italy are famous for not liking the dribblers and going after their ankles.

This happened to Neymar in France more often because French football defenders are similar to Italians.

Spain was a little different because players from La Liga allow these players to express themselves.

This brings back the question about Neymar’s future, will he be capable to recover his career or is he doomed to not succeed in football again?

Former goalkeeper Claudio Taffarel seems to have the answer to this.

The Brazil National Team’s goalies’ coach knows Neymar very well, he shared time with him in the squad on a regular basis.

Taffarel is one of the few Brazilian former players who won the World Cup, he did it back in 1994 and reached the final in 1998.

We are talking about an experienced legend to whom Neymar should listen.

During a local TV program that Mundo Deportivo picked up, Taffarel spoke about Neymar’s chances of reviving his career.

“Neymar is a very bright young man. His dimension is quite admirable, both on and off the pitch,” said Claudio.

“He is a character for sure. He leads a good life, he likes to have fun. His type of fun tends to quickly turn into a headline all over the news.”

“But Neymar is a human being, he is a 27-year-old young man who plays football with passion and loves to enjoy life.”

“It’s normal that in some moments he needs to know what the ideal time for him to act is, he will understand this as time goes by.”

“We are talking about a fantastic player, he is very different from the rest and one of Brazilian football’s best products.”

“This is the type of player who loves dribbling and is daring. If he focuses on being constant and doing his job, he can win everything that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won during their careers.”

“He must’ve felt really bad for being left out of the Copa America. He will return to play for Brazil with that hunger for success, an that’s very good for us.”

We will know about Neymar’s future soon.

Even though we are still uncertain about Neymar’s career in the near or distant future, we can tell you that he will decide his future very soon.

The options of possibly leaving Paris Saint-Germain are very limited, he wants to return to Barcelona but it will be nearly impossible.

We may even see Neymar backing down from his desire to not play in France, which could happen after he realizes that FC Barcelona doesn’t want to make a giant effort for him to return.

After Neymar left in the way that he did back in 2017, it is normal that the Catalan club is not so keen on making an effort to bring him back to La Liga.

What is happening to Neymar right now came from his own doing, he has to suck it up now that he’s in a tight situation with PSG.

Where will Neymar end up before the end of the summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.