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How De Jong’s arrival will bring FC Barcelona’s style back

Now that he's been practicing with his teammates at FC Barcelona, it's time to talk about Frenkie de Jong's impact in the squad during...

Opinion: LeBron is more Ronaldo, Jordan is more Messi

We will play a little comparison game after Griezmann's comparison of Messi and LeBron James, we'll get Ronaldo and Jordan in there. Comparisons like the...

Opinion: Some Barcelona fans won’t forgive Griezmann

Even though he is already a Barcelona player, Antoine Griezmann will have a hard time getting forgiveness from some die-hard fans. The images of Antoine...

Miguella continues to attack Griezmann for his choices

The former football agent Josep Maria Minguella believes the Frenchman has disrespected Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and football fans in general.

Barcelona had to take a loan to sign Antoine Griezmann

Josep Maria Bartomeu has revealed that the Catalans had to take a € 35 million loan in a bid to sign Antoine Griezmann. While...

Griezmann promises goals and assists in the bid to repay snub

Antoine Griezmann has maintained he has no regrets about snubbing an offer from Barcelona last summer in a documentary after signing for Barcelona.   The Spanish...

Josep Maria Minguella will not visit Camp Nou as long as...

The former player agent says he's still upset for what the Frenchman did a few years ago, as he explained during an interview.

Griezmann to fit in at Barca ‘like a ring on finger’

Antoine Griezmann has been tipped to fit in well at Barcelona "like a ring on a finger" by his old Real Sociedad boss Martin Lasarte.

Griezmann aims to win all the trophies at FC Barcelona

After getting back to Spain in order to be presented as the new FC Barcelona transfer, Antoine Griezmann vowed to fight for all the...

Griezmann ‘very disappointed’ by Atletico Madrid, says lawyer

Antoine Griezmann's lawyer revealed the star's frustration over Atletico Madrid's attitude after sealing his big move to Barcelona.

Cerezo: Atletico have proof for Griezmann-Barcelona claims

Enrique Cerezo confirmed Atletico Madrid have discovered evidence that Barcelona and Antoine Griezmann agreed on a deal before his release clause dropped to €120m.

Antoine Griezmann’s first words as a Barcelona player

Now that his transfer has been made official, we go through Antoine Griezmann's first words as a Barcelona player and what they mean. Antoine Griezmann...

Top 5 objectives for Antoine Griezmann at Barcelona

Now that the announcement was made, we need to discuss the many pending objectives that Antoine Griezmann has at Barcelona. It's official, Antoine Griezmann is...

Atletico Madrid contest Antoine Griezmann’s Barcelona deal

A furious Atletico Madrid claim they are owed more money from Barcelona after paying €120m to activate Antoine Griezmann's release clause instead of €200m.

Official: Antoine Griezmann signs for Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann has secured a long-awaited move to Barcelona after deciding to end his time with Atletico Madrid this summer. Antoine Griezmann is set to...

Xavi gives his two cents about Neymar and Griezmann

During an interview with Movistar, Xavi Hernandez talked about the chances that Barcelona has of signing both Griezmann and Neymar. If we wanted to know...

Report: Barcelona already paid the €120m for Griezmann

According to a report from L'Equipe, FC Barcelona already paid the €120 million for Antoine Griezmann on Thursday. The club denied it. Looks like Antoine...

Report: Barcelona plan to sign Antoine Griezmann on Friday

Barcelona reportedly plan to complete Antoine Griezmann's transfer from Atletico Madrid before the weekend.

Puyol says Barcelona fans will love Griezmann the moment he scores

The last time the Atletico Madrid start visited the Camp Nou, he was met with rejection by the Blaugrana fans who whistled him every time he touched the ball.

Atletico blames Barcelona and Griezmann of being “disrespectful”

The La Liga club has released a statement condemning the way Blaugrana president Josep Maria Bartomeu has talked about their player.

Report: Barcelona make PSG a brand new offer for Neymar

Both FC Barcelona and PSG are doomed to reach an agreement over Neymar, the Catalan club offered a more convincing offer today. It looks like...

Alan Shearer bracing for relegation