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Top 5 – Best ever Champions League finals

Tottenham and Liverpool face each other in the Champions League final this evening in the grand conclusion to the European calendar.

Teams that reached back-to-back Champions League finals

Let's take a look into the teams that reached back-to-back Champions League final since the rebranding of the competition back in 1992.

Quiz: How much do you know about the UCL finals from...

Time to test your knowledge about the Champions League finals from the 2010s decade. Good luck and have fun!

UEFA considers hosting Champions League finals in other continents

Having seen the complications and accommodation issues experienced by fans during the two most recent UCL finals, held in Cardiff and Kiev, football's governing...

Quiz: How deep is your knowledge about Riyad Mahrez?

Let's see how deep your knowledge about Riyad Mahrez goes. We will ask you 10 questions about the Algeria star. Haven fun and enjoy!