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Franz Beckenbauer wants Jurgen Klopp for Bayern Munich

During an interview with Bild, Franz Beckenbauer confessed that one of his dreams is to someday sign Jurgen Klopp for Bayern Munich. The season that...

Legendary Rivalries: Franz Beckenbauer vs Johan Cruyff

As a continuation of our Legendary Rivalries series, let's talk about the biggest one from the '70s between Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer. We have...

Quiz: How much do you know about Franz Beckenbauer?

Let's test your knowledge about legendary Franz Beckenbauer, one of Germany and Bayern Munich's greatest players ever. You get 10 questions. Enjoy!

Top 5 most talented German players in Football history

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Top 5 Champions as players and managers in football history

We give you a prestigious list of Champions who won the biggest trophies in football both as players and as managers. We go to the...

Boban urges fans to believe in the “process”

AC Milan chief Zvonimir Boban admits he hopes to be "further ahead" in the current Italian Lega Serie A campaign, asking fans to be patient.
Florentino Perez, Cristiano Ronaldo

Was Real Madrid right to let Ronaldo go?