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Top 5 biggest hopes for the upcoming Serie A season

With the Serie A right around the corner, let discuss the Top 5 biggest hopes that we have for the 2019-20 season in Italian...

Sarri describes Juventus’ main objectives for next season

During his very first interview with Juventus, Maurizio Sarri spoke about the club's main objectives for the upcoming Serie A season. Now that he is...

Serie A Legends: Paolo Maldini, AC Milan’s prodigal son

On the day of his 51 birthday, we remember defender Paolo Maldini as one of the most successful players of all-time and the best...

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the Italian football Renaissance

There is no question that the man responsible for Italian football and Serie A's imminent return is Cristiano Ronaldo. We tell you why. When the...

Quiz: How deep is your knowledge about SSC Napoli?

Time to see how deep your knowledge about SSC Napoli goes, one of Serie A's most popular clubs ever. You get 10 questions. Enjoy!

Quiz: How much do you know about Internazionale Milano?

It's time to test your knowledge about your Internazionale Milano history, one of Serie A's most successful clubs ever. You get 10 questions. Enjoy!

Francesco Totti defends ‘Monchi’ from critics

AS Roma's director of football 'Monchi', is getting a fierce public defense by the club's most prominent figure ever: Francesco Totti. In a recent article...

Cristiano Ronaldo’s early impact on all Juventus players

After only a month training with his Juventus teammates, the changes that Cristiano Ronaldo has brought to the squad have been nothing short of...

Thomas Tuchel won’t rule out Neymar staying at PSG

Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel suggests there may still be hope of retaining Neymar despite the Brazilian's continued absence.