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Taffarel believes Neymar is still in time to recover his career

Brazil's goalkeepers' coach Claudio Taffarel, explained how Neymar can still save his own football career from completely falling apart. We've all wondered if Neymar can...

Milito is convinced “leader” Lionel Messi will play until 40

During an interview with Marca, Gabriel Milito talks in detail about Lionel Messi's evolution as a leader for the Argentina National Team. Lionel Messi surprised...

Lionel Messi told to join Lautaro Martinez at Inter Milan

Lionel Messi has incredibly been encouraged to leave Barcelona for Inter Milan this summer by Lautaro Martinez's agent.

Top 5 things Barcelona need to win the Champions League

Let's dive into the Top 5 things that FC Barcelona needs in order to win the Champions League title for the sixth time in...

Rivaldo says Messi should win this year’s Ballon d’Or

The former Barcelona footballer believes the award is given for individual skills, and not for what a footballer's club does.

Paulo Dybala liked how he played alongside Lionel Messi

After a Copa America where he didn't have that much participation, Paulo Dybala wanted to remind people he can play alongside Lionel Messi. It was...

Referee Zambrano explains how he was always communicating with the VAR

The official of the Brazil-Argentina match in the 2019 Copa America Semifinal said he never lost communication with the technology.

Dani Alves reveals how Guardiola was furious for passing to Messi

The Brazilian footballer has talked about how Pep Guardiola wanted to teach both players a lesson when he coached Barcelona.

Report: Conmebol willing to punish Argentina due to Messi

According to journalist Martin Liberman, Conmebol is willing to strip Argentina out of the Copa America 2020 due to Lionel Messi's criticism. Lionel Messi's comments...

Referee Zambrano defends himself from Messi’s claims

The referee in charge of the Brazil-Argentina Semifinal match at the Copa America said the Selecao was simply the best and that's why they won.

Dani Alves calls Messi disrespectful

Dani Alves has lashed out at Lionel Messi after a foul-mouthed rant against the regional governing body following his team’s defeat in the semifinals. Dani...

Top 5 objectives for FC Barcelona’s 2019-20 season

It's time to discuss the Top 5 objectives that FC Barcelona needs to accomplish during this new 2019-20 season in Spanish football and Europe. Even...

Tite says Messi should show more respect

Brazil defeated Peru in the Copa America Final to lift the continental trophy, while Lionel Messi blamed the CONMEBOL of corruption.

Chile captain Gary Medel backs Lionel Messi after red card

Gary Medel has thrown his full support to Lionel Messi after the duo were dismissed following an altercation in Chile and Argentina's third-place playoff.

Vidal says Messi’s red card was unfair

The Chilean believes his Barcelona teammate shouldn't have been sent off of the 2019 Copa America Third Place match.

CONMEBOL slam Messi’s “unacceptable” corruption claims

CONMEBOL have slammed Lionel Messi's claims of corruption as "unacceptable" and "unfounded" following the Argentina star's red card.

Opinion: The cup in which Messi was finally Maradona

This Saturday will forever be remembered as the day in which Lionel Messi resembled Diego Maradona's leadership the most. Forget about that goal Leo Messi...

Lionel Messi lashes out against a “corrupt” Conmebol

Lionel Messi just declared war against Conmebol after calling them out on corruption, he refused to go out for the third place medal. After Lionel...

Argentina gets a little Copa America payback vs Chile

With goals from Aguero and Dybala, Argentina won the Copa America third place against Chile. Messi and Medel were sent off in the first...

Messi gets sent off for the second time in his career

The Argentinean superstar received a red card after a clash with Gary Mendel in the 37th minute of today's Third-Place match in the Copa America.

Top 10 players who left their clubs in a terrible manner

Time to look at the Top 10 players who left their clubs in a terrible manner during their time, the ones who are hated...