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Opinion: Neymar Junior is the Justin Bieber of Football

We have a compelling argument in order to make a logical comparison between Neymar and Justin Bieber, we will tell you our reasons why. It's...

Top 5 biggest mistakes of Pep Guardiola’s career

Let's go through the biggest mistakes that Pep Guardiola has committed during his career as a professional manager. We will do a Top 5...

Spurs learning from their mistakes

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino believes his side have learnt from their mistakes and that resulted in Spurs advancing in the Champions League Mauricio Pochettino...

Mother outs herself as McDonald’s worker who fed Ronaldo

A married mother-of-two called Paula Leca has come forward as one of the McDonald's workers who fed a young Cristiano Ronaldo burgers when he used to beg.