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Xabi Alonso reveals why he left Real Madrid for Guardiola

Xabi Alonso has explained his decision to leave Real Madrid for Bayern Munich. Xabi Alonso left signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009....

Former Liverpool legend happy to see ‘diving’ Mane

Sadio Mane scored a goal with a 'diving' header against Pep Guardiola's men last Sunday. And Liverpool legend John Aldridge has remarked the incident.

Guardiola’s brilliant gesture towards Manchester City fans

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola suffered a harsh defeat to Liverpool this weekend, minimizing their title chances this season. However, some nice news is coming...

Guardiola admits he wants to manage a national team

Pep Guardiola is considered as the biggest footballing mind of the 21st century, having won everything in his career multiple times. However, the pressure at...

Kimmich opens the door for Guardiola’s return

After sacking Niko Kovac recently, Bayern are looking for a long-term managerial replacement at the end of the season.

Guardiola could return to Bayern in a shocking turn of events

Pep Guardiola spent three quality years at Bayern, dominating domestic competitions. However, his work there isn't quite done yet.

Viral: Klopp’s hysterical reaction to Guardiola’s arrival

Jurgen Klopp has sent the internet into meltdown with fits of laughter after video emerged of him reacting to Pep Guardiola entrance at a UEFA conference.

“Guardiola will go home devastated,” claims Wenger

Manchester City suffered a tough 3-1 defeat against the main title-challengers, Liverpool, as the Reds are now nine points ahead.

Man City fan ‘done with Pep Guardiola’

A Man City fan, in a call with talkSPORT, verbalized his irritation with the Spanish manager and requested City to sack him.

Opinion: Pep Guardiola urgently needs a new strategy

After yet another loss against Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola urgently needs to have a new game strategy at Manchester City.  Pep Guardiola is widely considered...

Klopp rallies the troops, even “the guy who sells hot dogs”

Jurgen Klopp has sent out a call to rally the troops, including "guy who sells hot dogs" at Anfield on game day.

Guardiola: Liverpool the strongest team I’ve ever faced

In a recent interview, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has claimed that Liverpool is the strongest team he has ever faced in his career.

Klopp: Guardiola is the best manager in the world

In a recent interview, the Liverpool boss has expressed his respect for his rival. Klopp also talked about his desire to '100% win' the game against City.

Fernandinho – All we think about is winning

Manchester City and Fernandinho have one thing on their minds, and that's winning.

Opinion: Pep Guardiola is right to fear Jurgen Klopp

We need to talk about the upcoming weekend fixture in English football, and how Pep Guardiola is right to fear Jurgen Klopp.  The typical mind...

Sadio Mane strikes back at Guardiola’s diving remarks: “I’d do it...

Mane entered the centre of controversy recently when Pep Guardiola publicly called Senegalese out for diving.

City lose two keepers and 100% record in 1-1 draw

Manchester Coty lost two goalkeepers and their 100 percent record in the Champions League as they draw 1-1 with Atalanta.

Jurgen Klopp hits back at Pep Guardiola

Jurgen Klopp has replied to the earlier comments made by Pep Guardiola against Sadio Mane   Jurgen Klopp has backed his winger claiming that he is...

Redknapp: “Guardiola genuinely fears the threat of Mane”

With Manchester City and Liverpool showdown approaching the tension is growing with each day as the top two teams are as strong as ever. Both...

Guardiola prepares for the biggest clash against Liverpool

Pep Guardiola and Manchester City turned around the result in their favor against Southampton, keeping a firm hold of the second place. Walker and Gabriel...

Breaking: Van Dijk out of the Netherlands squad

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has been withdrawn from the Netherlands squad due to 'personal reasons' and will miss out the final tie against Estonia.