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Alisson is living a fairytale season

The Liverpool goalkeeper hopes his team's story can have a happy ending: by lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Guardiola says that to be the best, City needs to win...

The Manchester City manager has won back-to-back championships with his team, but he couldn't advance to the UEFA Champions League Semifinal.

European Leagues reject UEFA’s revamp proposal

Europe’s domestic leagues have rejected current plans for a revamped Champions League, claiming it would favour only a few rich and dominant clubs. UEFA is...

Aldridge says Manchester City should be punished

The former Liverpool footballer believes the Citizens should be punished if they failed to comply with UEFA's Financial Statutes.

Man City responds to Champions League ban

Manchester City have responded to fresh claims on a possible Champions League ban as they prepare to face Watford in the FA Cup final. The Premier...

Klopp explains how Liverpool will have a Champions League Final “pre-season”

The German manager will have special preparations for his team with two weeks to be ready for the match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Milner says Liverpool can redeem itself by winning the Champions League

The Reds were just one point away from English Premier League champions Manchester City at the end of the 2018-2019 season.

REPORT: Manchester City could be banned from the Champions League

According to a report by The New York Times, the English club might have used sponsorship money to "cheat" UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules.

Report: Champions League reforms leaked

Recent UEFA documents show proposed Champions League reforms that would turn it into a calcified SuperLeague, according to the New York Times.   UEFA have so...

Emery hopes Europa League will bring Arsenal to the Champions League

The Gunners coach believes the possibility of winning the Europa League to qualify to the Champions League is very high for his team.

UEFA might have promotion and relegation in the Champions League

According to the head of the European Leagues, there is a proposal to have this system implemented in the UEFA competitions.

Klopp believes Liverpool has unfinished business in the Champions League

The Reds' manager has led his team to their second UEFA Champions League Final in a row, and now he's hopeful they can win it.

You try to give the maximum every time: Hugo Lloris

The Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper believes today's match against Ajax will be another epic chapter in UEFA Champions League history.

Wenger calls Anfield “the most heated stadium in Europe”

The former Arsenal manager knows Anfield very well, and he says the stadium is a very difficult place to play against Liverpool.

Henderson reveals Klopp’s pre-match words inspired his team

According to the Reds' footballer, the team never doubted themselves, even after losing 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semifinal.

Ferdinand believes playing Gomez was a “mistake” for Liverpool

Even after the Reds won the UEFA Champions League Semifinal series 4-3 on aggregate, the former Premier League footballer believes Gomez shouldn't have played.

Unbelievable performance: Xherdan Shaqiri

The Reds' footballer couldn't believe the 4-0 win over Barcelona in yesterday's UEFA Champions League Semifinal second leg.

It was overwhelming: Klopp

The Liverpool manager couldn't believe what happened today as his side defeated Barcelona 4-0 in the Champions League.

I talk from my heart: Pochettino

The Tottenham Hotspur manager doesn't have any speech prepared for the minutes before the Ajax match, and he will only speak his heart.

Gillespie believes Liverpool’s season has been successful

Even if the Reds don't win any silverware this season, the fans should be very happy of what the team has accomplished on all competitions.

Gotze was intimidated by Klopp when they met for the first...

Mario Gotze and Jurgen Klopp met for the first time at Borussia Dortmund, and the German midfielder explains how this was.