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Talksport host Durham attacked for Bergkamp comments

dennis bergkamp, arsenal
21 Feb 2001: Dennis Bergkamp of Arsenal celebrates scoring the first goal during the UEFA Champions League match between Arsenal and Olympique Lyonnais at Highbury, London. Mandatory Credit: Mark Thompson/ALLSPORT

TalkSport host Adrian Durham has been verbally attacked by a host of Arsenal legends after his outrageous comments about Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp.

After TalkSport host Durham questioned the quality of Dennis Bergkamp, he has been at the sharp end of the sword from several Arsenal legends.

Durham said of Bergkamp:

“If [Bergkamp] was that good, why didn’t he win the Premier League?”

“Why didn’t he win back-to-back Premier League titles?”

“He never scored 20 goals in a season for Arsenal, and he was there for over 10 years.”

“That’s not good!”

Bergkamp is widely regarded as a legend in North London.

Purely and simply for the style of play he encouraged and the all-around footballing genius he was.

Arsenal teammate Ray Parlor said of Bergkamp:

“He was a genius, I was lucky to play alongside him in the same teams.

Then Martin Keown wadded in:

“He was an absolute football God, a genius on the football pitch.”

They laid into Durham.

Keown continued:

“I just feel that Adrian Durham, he clearly doesn’t know anything about football.”

“That’s ridiculous, it’s a disgrace.”

Keown demanded an apology.

He added:

“He has to [apologize] because it doesn’t stack up.”

Cesc Fabregas couldn’t believe his ears.

He said:

“Is this guy serious? Lost the plot big time there.”

“If you don’t think Bergkamp was that good, then you don’t understand this sport at all.”