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Tammy Abraham on the rise

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Tammy Abraham is gradually becoming a very important player for Chelsea and is definitely going to play a big role for Frank Lampard’s side this season.

This season, Tammy Abraham is definitely going to announce himself as the future of Chelsea. THE Blues have had a very complicated summer transfer window. While Maurizio Sarri went on to join Juventus, it took the club some time to announce Frank Lampard as his replacement.

The task was huge.

Eden Hazard had jumped ship and the London club was struck by a transfer ban. The former midfielder was therefore forced to make do with the existing squad and Christian Pulisic who was recruited last winter but only arrived in June.

It was always going to be a testing season up front as well. Last season, Tammy Abraham was on loan at Aston Villa where he scored 26 goals in 40 games and helped the team to promotion.

This summer, the young striker featured at the Under-21 European Championship in Italy and scored once in three games.

This has been a good last few months for Tammy Abraham who is now looking to permanently displace Olivier Giroud as the starting striker.

In the first three games of the Premier League, Tammy Abraham started just twice. While he struggled initially, the youngster shone against Norwich City and his overall display was breathtaking as well.

The first goal was scored inside the first ten minutes of the game after a great move and perfectly taken penalty kick. That goal put his team right on track.

The celebration was that of a humble player running towards his manager who gave him a chance to come back at the club. Surely this wouldn’t have happened under Sarri.

Lampard seems to have found his spearhead in the shape of Tammy Abraham even though the youngster is only 21.

Former striker, Garth Crooks has also been blown away by the youngster, stating that he never considered Abraham breaking into the first team.

“Frank Lampard saw something in this kid and Abraham seems ready to step on broken glass for Lampard. Provided that trust remains intact, Abraham has a chance to succeed at Chelsea,” he said according to BBC.

‘His first goal against the Norwich was brilliantly instinctive, while his second was taken like a player who is growing in confidence. Abraham can now put that penalty miss in the Super Cup well and truly behind him and the trolls can take a running jump.

Back in 2017, Tammy Abraham had signed a three year contract with Chelsea. With just three years left, the Blues would want to make their latest starlet sign an extension.

And although he has really shown signs of a great striker in the making, caution must be in order.

At the age of 21, there is a lot more the striker needs to learn. There will be times where he would be inconsistent and frustrating. There might be times when he would struggle to hold his own against better opposition.

But that is exactly why Tammy Abraham will be shown patience by a manager who is all for young players getting fair amount of chances to impress.