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Tarkowski keen to help Burnley rediscover form

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Burnley Football Club defender James Tarkowski has revealed he wouldn’t mind dishing out words to teammates to help them recover from a poor start to the season.

The 25-year-old who took a backseat in the debate in England’s dressing room after their friendly victory over Switzerland at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday but is a senior figure at Burnley and he is ready to take the bull by the horn at the Lancashire club.

“From my experience most managers like to leave the players to discuss things between themselves for the first five minutes at half-time. It’s the same here at Burnley,” he reveals, as quoted by Daily Mail.

“If someone is picking you out for not doing enough, that’s the way it is. And if someone isn’t doing theirs right they need to be told.”

“Obviosuly I have spent a lot of time at the club so it’s easier for me to voice my opinion compared to England where I’m still quite new. Here I give my input. I like to be more vocal. Other people might do it in a different way by having a word with someone sat next to them.”

“The manager (Sean Dyche), isn’t someone who just rants for 15 minutes and then sends you back outside. If someone needs a rollocking they will get one but he’s a lot more clever with the way he does things. He knows some people might react well to a kick and others might not.”

Tarkowski also spoke about Burnley goalkeeper Joe Hart, saying: I think he’s enjoying the way it’s run round here. He has stamped his authority straight away which you need to do as a goalkeeper.”

“He is probably one of the most vocal people on the pitch. You’ll always hear him behind us, communicating to the back-four.”

“He’s not come in and been dead timid and shy. But not in way where someone has turned round and said: “He’s a bit loud”! He’s fitted in really well.”