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Tarkowski says things need to improve at Burnley

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The England international believes his team received a wake-up call after being defeated 5-1 by Everton in their last match

Burnley FC was defeated 5-1 by Everton on Wednesday in the English Premier League.

And now they are in the relegation zone and will host West Ham United on Sunday.

And for footballer James Tarkowski, this is a wake-up call his team can’t ignore.

“At the moment we are not performing individually, or as a team, to the level, we need to be to stay in this league,” he told the club’s official website.

“Things need to improve, but I wouldn’t want anyone else in the dressing room with me, or the manager and the coaching staff around us, because if anyone’s going to do it then it’s going to be us who are going to turn it around.”

“We do enough training and enough work on what we need to do,” he added.

“It’s as simple as going out there, performing to the best of your ability as a group and as an individual, winning your battles and the points and performances will come.”

“Maybe after the big defeat against Everton it’s a bit of a realization that people need to up it, including myself, and that’s what we will be looking to do in the next few games,” he concluded.