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Tebas considers El Clasico scheduling a state problem

Javier Tebas, La Liga
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El Clasico, the biggest Spanish derby, faced postponing the event due to the political climate in Catalonia on October 26.

Due to numerous protestors on the streets, both the Spanish Football Federation and La Liga deemed the match to be unplayable.

However, the dispute between the two arrived when the scheduling of the new El Clasico was about to take place.

Spanish FA scheduled El Clasico to take place on December 18, but Tebas, the president of La Liga, heavily disagrees.

He wanted the match to be played on December 4.

In a Movistar+ event, Tebas talked about this issue, saying:

“The Clasico issue is a state problem,” Tebas said, as quoted by ESPN.

“I don’t see it as only a Barcelona problem.”

“We wanted to reverse the fixture of the games in order to delay [the game in Barcelona] as much as possible,” he continued.

“Dec. 18 has not been chosen with La Liga being in agreement.”

56 Copa Del Rey matches are scheduled to take place on December 18, when the El Clasico will be played, which forced La Liga to appeal this decision.

Tebas’ biggest complaint was that the match will be played mid-week in the evening, rather than weekend afternoon, which would suit the foreign markets much better.

“For us, it is important that it was played at the weekend and in midday but it was not to be,” he added.

“The kick-off time for the first [league] Clasico is always selected taking Asia into account.

“Now as it will be a night time game, there are many countries that will miss it. From Saudi Arabia to Japan and all the way to Australia they will be sleeping.”

It’s nice to see the match being played in the evening, as the locals, who are at the essence of the derby will enjoy it the most.

However, there is a looming question of when – and not if – football will be completely taken over by the interests of Tebas and such executives only interested in profits.