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Ten Hag is preparing a revolution in Manchester United

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Since the beginning of the season, there have been numerous turbulences in Manchester United. This summer, Erik ten Hag, the coach who led Ajax from Amsterdam with great success in previous seasons, arrived at the club.

Erik ten Hag encountered numerous problems upon his arrival at Old Trafford, just like his predecessors. Ten Hag decided to revolutionize the club. He tries to gain authority by training rigor, and captain Harry Maguire was the first to appear on the wallpaper. He put it away after a series of setbacks, he nailed the English representative to the bench. Ten Hag has brought some news to Old Trafford, and how serious he is in his intention to make Manchester United, which in the future could be the best in England again, is best shown by the fact that at the moment he does not see Cristiano Ronaldo in this team with any serious role.

One of the greatest players of all time was left out of the team by Ten Hag after refusing to take the field in United’s 2-0 win against Tottenham. In most games this season whenever Ronaldo has played, United has underperformed. Whenever he was not on the team or had little playing time, United won except for the game against Manchester City when United suffered a debacle. The big question is what is Ronaldo’s future at United and as things stand now it seems that his second term at the club will not end in the best way. Ronaldo played the most minutes in the Europa League this season and finally scored a goal in the last game against Sheriff. Believe it or not, this is only Ronaldo’s third goal of the season. Against Sheriff he scored a goal in the first game as well.

Ten Hag has told the media that he is reportedly counting on Ronaldo for the rest of the season, but the big question is whether Ten Hag is ready to forgive the Portuguese. At the moment, it seems that only one of the two can be at United. It is speculated that Ten Hag is not happy with the man who has been keeping the United goal for years, David de Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has been with the club since 2011, meaning he has been at Old Trafford for more than a decade, but it looks like his spell at United is coming to an end. The aforementioned goalkeeper was loved by all the predecessors of the current coach, such as the great Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes, Mourinho, and Solskjaer, but Ten Hag is not enthusiastic about the Spanish goalkeeper.

De Gea is also irreplaceable at Ten Hag, but he believes that United need a better goalkeeper. Ten Hag is not happy with how De Gea plays with his feet, and what is a big problem in the case of this player is his huge salary which is 375,000 pounds a week. If he wants to stay at United he will have to accept a pay cut, otherwise, the youngsters will get a chance. Ten Hag has always skillfully avoided answering the question of the Spanish goalkeeper’s future at the club. “We haven’t made a final decision on his status, but what I can say is that I’m really happy with De Gea as a goalkeeper. Although his first two performances of the season were not the best, he gives us stability and I like him as a person. I can work well with him. We will talk about everything in the winter”.

Ten Hag requires goalkeepers to play with their feet, be the third stopper and build the play by not jumping the lines. De Gea does not do well there, he prefers to shoot the ball and look for attackers with long passes when he is under pressure. That is why the former coach of Ajax ordered the sports sector to find a replacement for him. It will be difficult, by all accounts, for the Spaniard to stay at Old Trafford even if he agrees to a salary reduction… United’s scouts went in search and two names are highly rated. They marked Diogo Costa and Unai Simon as potential De Gea successors, and Erik Ten Hag nodded and unequivocally told the rest of the sports sector to start negotiations and survey the field. Both are excellent kickers, can be carried by the ball and move forward, which suits the Dutchman’s style of play.

We will expect that Unai Simon will get an advantage over David de Gea in the Spanish national team at the World Cup in Qatar, that the goalkeeper of Athletic Bilbao will be the choice of Luis Enrique for the “unit”. Europe “went crazy” for Diogo Costa. Porto’s penalty kick specialist saved three penalties in the Champions League, and is among the most deserving that the team from Dragao made it to the round of 16 before the end of the group stage. Diogo Costa and Unai Simon are younger than David de Gea, they could be like him for a full decade at Old Trafford, and they are to Erik Ten Hag’s taste. It seems that the native has rung a bell in Manchester United… As you can see from the attached, it is obvious that Ten Hag is trying to create a system in the United similar to the one that Ten Hag established in Ajax.

The team from Amsterdam every year has several very high-quality young players who leave Ajax after a few seasons and move to a big club, as was the case this summer with Anthony, who should be the main player in this United team. It is much more difficult to play at United than at Ajax, but Ten Hag wants to apply a similar pattern and instead of experienced players, bring players to United who will be the bright future of this club. We mentioned that De Gea has been at the club for a long time, that Ronaldo is back, and that the team has one of the most expensive defenders of all time, but none of those players contributed to making United better. United with Cristiano Ronaldo failed to win the Champions League last season. This is perhaps a good indicator that Ronaldo should change the middle and slowly bring his career to an end.

A great ending would be his return to Sporting, where his great career began. Maguire didn’t bring much to this team and was mostly the subject of ridicule on social media after incredible mistakes. Ten Hag is ready to make big cuts to create a United that will make every fan want to buy Manchester United tickets. United is one of the biggest clubs in the world, but they haven’t had great results for years. We will see if Ten Hag is the new Sir Alex Ferguson and if he could restore the winning mentality to this team. His first season at the club will be a good opportunity to familiarize himself with the overall situation at United and to decide which players are and are not for this club.

Like all big teams, United will have an enviable number of players at the World Cup and it will be important that all players stay healthy after the competition. This season, the fans will be happy if United returns to the Champions League, and if all the aforementioned moves bring United back to the championship path, the fans will be even happier.