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Ter Stegen issues fitness warning during quarantine

Marc-Andre Ter Stegan, FC Barcelona
Getty Images

Marc Andre ter Stegen has urged the players not to neglect their physical fitness during the coronavirus quarantine.

After Italy, Spain has been the most affected country in Europe by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The death toll in the nation spiked to a 32 percent on Saturday with the total count rising to around 1,300 while the number of recorded cases totaling to just below 25,000. Capital Madrid has been the hardest-hit area.

Football clubs allowed the players to go on self-isolation and stopped functioning for now after the Spanish government ordered a lockdown.

But Marc Andre ter Stegen says that should not stop players from staying in shape. The Barcelona goalkeeper also revealed that his family is doing well in these tough times.

“As athletes, we have a duty to keep working on our physical strength,” Ter Stegen told Bild.

“I am busy all day trying to get the best out of myself. The fitness plan is constantly being adjusted. What you are doing at home will be set by the club.”

“My wife, our son and I are all at home. It is about encouraging each other. There are new challenges and games that appear online every day.”