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Ter Stegen offers insight on his ‘mostly veg’ dietary habits

Marc Andre ter Stegen, Barcelona
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Marc Andre ter Stegen has emphasized on eating healthy and fresh food while talking about his daily routine.

Spain is currently into its third week of lockdown in order to contain the spread of coronavirus.

With over 80,000 confirmed cases and nearly 6,800 deaths, the nation is among the highest affected ones due to the outbreak of the virus. The government, hence, had to take strict measures forcing all non-essential workers not to step out of their homes.

La Liga also announced an indefinite suspension of the football matches, which have been on hold since March 12.

Marc Andre ter Stegen, just like all his teammates, is self-isolating himself at home. But that is not stopping the German shot-stopper from taking proper care of his fitness.

“I’m not a big fan of diets. I try to find the right balance,” Ter Stegen told Goal.

“Everybody knows what is healthy and what’s not. Healthy food is fresh products, fresh food on the table. We try to do this. A lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit – but be careful with sugar. We aren’t 100 percent strict with it. There are no bans, we mostly eat in a vegetarian way.

“I pay a lot of attention to maintaining my level physically. Right now, I am working with a fitness app, doing challenges every day and finishing them.”