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Tevez claims that it was a holiday in China

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Carlos Tevez, the former Argentina international, claimed that he considers his 12-month stay in China to be a holiday for him as he appeared in just 16 matches and scored just four goals…

The striker believes that he was criticized fairly for his attitude as he spent a lot of time injured or with bad fitness – he himself insisted that seven months of this spell were just a holiday for him. Now, he is back at Boca Juniors, for the third time in his career, and he believes that he will be able to find his old form again…

The former Juventus attacker spoke about his spell in China as he said, according to ESPN: “[Criticism] was the price I had to pay for not being up to standard. I spent seven months on holiday. My face said it all. What was I doing there? It would have been easy for me to stay [another year]. I was there as an idol. To always have to fight, wanting to be 100 percent consumes you.”

He also added that he has always had the right motivation: “I made my debut at 17 and I’m 33, and you always tell yourself, ‘I’m going to prepare to win this,’ and then prepare to win the next thing and so forth. I try to do the best I can to win. Whatever I play, I want to win and that leads to a physical and mental wear and tear.”

In the end, Carlos Tevez claimed that he struggled to find the motivation to continued but in the end, ha managed to do so: “One cannot be ill or not be anything other than at 100 percent. You get annoyed because you want those that come to watch you to see you at your best when you may not feel that way. Then you think, ‘When is this going to stop?’ So yes, I did consider it. But people encourage you and push you every day to continue when you say, ‘I’ve had enough.’ That is what drives you.”