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Tevez – “footballers can go up to a year without pay”

Carlos Tevez
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Carlos Tevez appears to be setting the bar very high when it comes to financial help that footballers should be willing to give in the midst of a crisis.

Carlos Tevez has roamed the footballing globe playing his trade. He has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world.

The Argentine striker has played for United, City, and Juventus. He even played for Shenhua in China. He cashed in some mammoth paychecks too.

Tevez now plays for Boca Juniors and he is not ashamed to say he has made a small fortune doing his job.

But now the footballing world is in a position to give back a little as the world is crippled by the coronavirus pandemic.

We have seen a million dropped here and a few hundred thousand dropped there by football megastars. It may seem like a lot to the average Joe.

But Tevez acknowledges these sums are nothing and footballers can do a lot more.

Speaking to America TV, he admits footballers can go a long time without pay if they have to and especially if it means helping those less fortunate.

He said:

“A footballer can live six months or a year without receiving wages.”

“We are not in the same despair as those who live with kids every day, who have to leave their house at six in the morning and return at seven in the evening to feed the family.”

“We are not an example, in this case, we have to be there and help.”

“It is easy for me to speak from home, knowing that I have food for my children.”

Tevez is calling on all players and clubs to step up.

He added:

“The clubs have to get involved. Instead of going to train in the morning, they should demand that you do things for the people.”

The Boca man even took to social media to call on everyone to get involved to whatever extent they can to help the less fortunate.

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