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Tevez recalls of being gifted Lamborgini by teammate

Carlos Tevez, Manchester United
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Carlos Tevez has revealed that Wayne Rooney gifted him a Lamborghini during his time at Manchester United.

Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney formed a deadly duo for Manchester United. The pair won two Premier Leagues, a Champions League, and some other domestic cups between them.

But Rooney and Tevez’s partnership went beyond the football pitch. Recently, the Boca Junior striker revealed that Wayne Rooney gave away a Lamborghini to him. The Argentine also told that he felt a connection with the Man Utd top scorer as he saw his own characteristics in him.

“At Manchester United training, players would turn up with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini,” Tevez told as per Marca.

“Everyone, even the worst player, would have a Ferrari,” the Argentine added.

“I turned up in the Audi that the club gave you and they all bugged me about it as if it was a Fiat 600.

“I spoke to Rooney and, the crazy guy that he is, he told me ‘take the Lamborghini.’

“I went, without registering, around Manchester with this car, he gave it to me.”

“I identified a lot with him because of where he came from, a poor area of Liverpool,” Carlos Tevez admitted.