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That “B*stard” Messi drives Eibar manager crazy

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Lionel Messi usually drives his opponent crazy with his skills, but Eibar manager Jose Mendilibar has a different problem, “this b*stard rests in the game.”

It’s not uncommon for the opposition to whine and cry about how Lionel Messi destroyed their team with his skills.

But Spanish minnows Eibar have a different complaint. Their manager Jose Mendilibar complains about how Messi is so good he just takes a break during the game.

While Mendilibar has a rather choice name to call the GOAT. He is, in fact, paying him a compliment.

The Eibar boss is referring to Messi’s uncanny ability to use his superior footballing intelligence to conserve energy and drift in and out of the game with acute effectiveness.

As Eibar prepare to faceoff against Messi and company, Mendilibar via  Marca recalls the humiliation the Argentine has inflicted upon him in the past.

He acknowledges Messi is quite simply smarter than most.

He said:

“I don’t think [Messi] rests, this b*stard rests in the game.”

“He knows when he has to participate when to rest.”

“If he was given the day off he would have a worse time watching from the stands and get more tired.”

Mendilibar recalls how Messi’s unique ability has been catastrophic against him in the past.

He added:

“Once with Osasuna, we went to play a Copa del Rey game [at the Camp Nou]. In the morning of the game [Messi] was ruled out because he had a problem with his stomach and had fever.”

“After eating, he was called up, he was on the bench, we were losing 2-0 and suddenly I see him warming up.”

“He came on, scored two goals and we lost 4-0.”

Not sure Messi’s teammates call him a “b*stard” but they certainly acknowledge he’s smarter than the average player.