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That’s embarrassing – Pulisic takes a foul throw

christain Pulisic, Chelsea
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The referee felt he would be hard pushed to find one worse when Christian Pulisic makes a schoolboy error with a foul throw in the Premier League.

Christian Pulisic had a poor start to his Chelsea career, although recent form led us to believe he had turned a corner.

Well, that was until yesterday’s embarrassment.

Frank Lampard’s day was bad enough after his side were on the end of a 3-1 drubbing at the hands of managerless Everton.

Christain Pulisic made it rather embarrassing too after he made what can only be deemed a schoolboy error at the highest professional level.

A throw-in in football is relatively simple and taught to the youngest players early on.

Both feet must be touching the ground, and the ball must come straight from behind the head.

Now if you take a trip to your local kids Sunday league, you are bound to see the odd one here and there.

But at any kind of professional level and, dare I say, higher-level youth or academy you are not likely at all.

Well, that’s unless Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic is taking your throw-ins for you.

It was so bad the referee even told the USMNT star it was “the worst he had ever seen.”