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The 10 worst statues that football has ever seen

ronaldo statue, 10 worst statues that football has ever seen
Sources: Twitter/BenchWarmers/ArabNews

1. Cristiano Ronaldo Statue

Emanuel Santos really just can’t leave poor Ronaldo alone, can he?

After that huge mess-up previously, he went and built another sculpture at the Juventus star’s hometown airport in Madeira.

“Cristiano saw the photos that his brother sent him,” Santos told Globo.

“I was with his brother at Cristiano’s museum in Madeira and from the messages he sent, I could tell that he liked what he saw”.

Santos added: “He only asked for some wrinkles that gave him a certain expression in his face when he’s about to laugh to be changed.”

But nobody could see how that looked like Ronaldo, with even his family demanding for it to be taken down.

Fortunately, Santos got a Ronaldo statue right at the third time of asking.