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The 8 iconic moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Soccer is the world’s most beloved sport. Whatever your nationality lies in, wherever you live in none of them matters when it comes to soccer.

Soccer doesn’t differentiate nor discriminate. Perhaps this is why people love this sport where something could happen every minute. Especially now with soccer live streams, sports fans can watch their favorite teams anywhere and anytime they want to!

And who can better represent the world of soccer than Cristiano Ronaldo? In this article, we will be covering 8 of the most iconic moments in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. Hop in with us because it is our favorite player Ronaldo in here!

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is inevitable for a soccer fanatic to not encounter Cristiano Ronaldo through any media. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the pioneering soccer players who is at the peak of the industry.

He plays for Portugal in the world cup as its captain in the forward position. In the Premier League, he represents Manchester United. Since his jersey number is 7, many people often call him CR7. The term 7 is almost always associated with him.

Cristiano began his soccer career in the year 2002 and since then has made records one after another. He has accumulated years of professional experience and various awards and trophies under his belt over his decade-old career.

8 iconic moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career

In this section, we have compiled 8 of the most iconic moments in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. We are sure that you will find them interesting if not fascinating.

1.      “That” Screamer against Porto (2009)

 Back in 2009, when Cristiano Ronaldo was playing his sixth Champions league, he was a bit out of form. He had only managed to score a meager 12 goals in a total of 49 games of the season.

After the end of the first half with a 2-2 score, Porto carried an advantage over Manchester and was dreaming about a semi-final spot. However, Ronaldo had other ideas.  

In a certain scenario, he received the ball near the center of the pitch and kicked a 40-yard screamer. The ball had ultimately rested in the bottom corner of the Porto net, giving Manchester United a score.

This decisive strike was the game-changer that allowed Manchester to enter the semi-finals with a 3-2 final win against Porto.

2.      Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to score for two different winning teams in the Champion’s League (2014)

After six years of winning a Champion’s League for Manchester United against Chelsea, Ronaldo was at it again. However, this time he planned his victory from a different team.

It was in his first-ever Spanish Champion’s league in Lisbon in 2014. Cristiano Ronaldo who was playing for Real Madrid was one of the only three goal scorers for the team. This also meant that he was the only goal scorer in the history of the Champions league to score goals from two different teams that both ended up winning the cup. You could watch his matches on Roja Directa TV.

3.      Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer (2015)

He was in Real Madrid for barely 6 years. However, he soon overtook Raul in the 2015 La Liga. Raul had a record of 323 previously. However, this changed when Ronaldo started scoring a staggering amount of goals per single season including 50 of them on five different occasions.

By the time Ronaldo joined Juventus, he held a record of 450 strikes in a total of 438 games. Of course, he also held several other noteworthy distinctions.

4.      Victory for Portugal in the European Championship (2016)

Portugal has lost against Greece in the Euro 2004 finals. However, they finally won it after Ronaldo made his entry into the Championship as a captain.

While the team didn’t have a good start, the goddess of victory was supporting Ronaldo. He led the Portugal team to win the title.

5.      Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first player to score 100 Champions League goals (2017)

This was a deed that was deemed to be impossible at that moment. However, Ronaldo made it in his 2017 Champion’s league season. With this, he became the first person ever to score 100 goals in the League.

6.      ‘That’ goal against Juventus (2018)

Something amazing happened when Cristiano Ronaldo used to play for Real Madrid. In a match against Juventus, he scored with a stunning bicycle kick while meeting a cross from the right. His leap for the goal is still well famed to this day.

7.      The first player to win five Champions League titles (2018)

It is not a surprise anymore that Ronaldo keeps winning titles in every season and league. He won his fifth Champions League title in 2018. This was by far, the highest number of titles received by the player in the Champion’s League.  

8.      Cristiano Ronaldo’s memorable hat-trick against Spain in the World Cup (2018)

2018 was full of surprises in the soccer world. It was the year of the world cup. What’s more, it was also the year when Cristiano Ronaldo scored his hat-trick against Spain. Truly there is nothing that can stop this man from getting the feats that he deserves.


The soccer world has always been one where anything can get wrong at any moment. However, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been at the top of his game wherever his match lies. So, don’t miss out on the latest about Cristiano Ronaldo and more on Buffstreams!