The battle that’s coming over Paul Pogba’s transfer future

We need to talk about the potential battle that’s coming between Manchester United and Real Madrid over Paul Pogba’s future, it’s coming next summer.

Paul Pogba did something that he really shouldn’t have done this week during his camp with France, he spoke wonders about Real Madrid and immediately raised transfer concerns at Manchester United.

The Red Devils felt that the midfielder’s future was pretty much settled for the next five years with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival at the club, but everything suddenly changed in the last couple of weeks and there is a lot of uncertainty amongst the Mancunian fans now.

Paul Pogba is easily one of Manchester United’s main pillars for the upcoming seasons but the fact that Zinedine Zidane’s return to Real Madrid took place is something that has got the player thinking, for he knows to pass on the opportunity to be coached by one of his idols would be one of the stupidest mistakes of his career.

Perhaps the midfielder won’t end up leaving next summer, but his words from this week have already planted a seed that won’t let the Spanish press rest until they can transform their narrative into reality.

You can all go check to the big media outlets from that country, Paul Pogba is constantly mentioned as a clear Real Madrid target.

Zinedine Zidane hasn’t spoken anything about the Manchester United player in public, but the word of mouth suggests that he is one of the most liked players by the French manager and he is one of the very first that he is coming after as soon as he gets an idea of who will stay and who will leave from the players who are already in the squad.

In order for Paul Pogba to become a clear target, it’s evident that at least a couple of players who perform in his position neede to leave the club.

Perhaps the most veteran players could be relocated within the next couple of years, Zidane has already revealed that he is willing to give every single player a chance during the last ten matches of the season and that will give him a more crystalized idea of the way he needs to move forward.

But make no mistake, Paul Pogba is by far one of the players that Zinedine Zidane considers a must for Real Madrid’s future and one of the most coveted players in the world.

The French midfielder has already been talking to FC Barcelona during the times in which Jose Mourinho still managed Manchester United, he never thought of Real Madrid simply because Zidane wasn’t there.

All that has changed now, there is no way that Paul hasn’t rung his agent and demanded him to at least make contact with the legendary coach.

This whole situation could bring a whole different atmosphere to Manchester United, we know that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will manage as well as he possibly can but he doesn’t have the final decision of Paul Pogba’s future.

The player’s contract expires during the summer of 2021, this gives him at least one more year to enjoy at Manchester United and then examine his options to possible play at Real Madrid.

We all know that when a year is left in any Premier League player’s contract, the rules stipulate that he can negotiate with any club for free and this wouldn’t bring any money to the club where they belong.

Paul Pogba wouldn’t dare to leave without at least leaving a fancy payday for the Red Devils, which is why we can either expect him to make a decision before a year goes by or sign a new contract extension if he ultimately decides to leave.

What we can pretty much confirm, is that we will have a very interesting summer in regards to Paul’s future at Manchester United.

What do you think Paul Pogba should do, go to Real Madrid or remain at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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