The best James Rodriguez is back for Bayern Munich

Beautiful performance from Colombian James Rodriguez, who was involved in two goals on his side’s 3-1 victory against Schalke 04 at Allianz Arena.

So much insisting from manager Noki Kovac has finally paid off for James Rodriguez at Bayern Munich, they Colombian playmaker offered his best performance of the season against Schalke 04 on Saturday.

The Bavarian squad wanted to get a little bit closer to the top of the Bundesliga after Borussia Dortmund wasn’t able to defeat Hoffenheim earlier today, a victory would place them only 5 points behind the leaders and it would make the tournament more exciting because the gap would be shorter.

Having the best James Rodriguez back was something that Bayern really needed for this specific match, manager Niko Kovac decided to use the Colombian in the starting XI alongside Thiago Alcantara and behind Kingsley Koman, Serge Gnabry, and Robert Lewandowski.

The results started showing almost immediately for Bayern, James was the clear decisive factor from this lineup and he began dropping passes all over the pitch with clinical precision.

Bayern’s very first goal actually came from a beautiful pass from James to Lewandowski, one that Bruma hit in his attempt to block it and scored an own goal.

This first intervention from James let us all know that he came to play on Saturday, he loves getting the minutes he requests and he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers.

Not too long after the first goal, Turkish striker Ahmed Kutucu gave Jerome Boateng a run for his money, literally.

In another image that will surely spark memes all over the internet, we could see the German defender trying to match the striker’s speed and suffering while doing it after McKennie sent him an assist on the right wing.

Schalke was able to score due to this impressive effort from Kutucu, and the failing sprint from Jerome Boateng. But Bayern Munich wasn’t done with the first-half yet.

James Rodriguez appeared again for a beautiful assist to Robert Lewandowski before the first half hour of the game, the Polish striker scored the goal with practically nobody there to block his shot as James’ pass was too precise for anyone to handle.

The Colombian playmaker was sending the manager a message, he is back to his best form and he wants to play the Champions League against Liverpool.

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The second half was a little more complicated for Bayern Munich, they dropped a couple of mileage to their speed and decided to take better care of the result.

However, some players still weren’t happy with a 2-1 result and they wanted to at least get another goal before the final whistle.

Early in the first half, there was a moment in which Lewandowski came very close to scoring a bicycle kick goal but he delivered an assist instead because his shot was defective.

Fortunately for the Polish striker, Serge Gnabry was very aware of his surroundings and he was able to connect the shot with a header to score the third goal for Bayern this evening.

This final 3-1 result effectively puts Bayern Munich back in the race for the title, it is only a five-point gap that they have to compete against and they are still set to play against Borussia Dortmund on April 6, 2019, at Allianz Arena.

Things have heated up in German football as they also have in almost every other major European league, this is great for competition.

The best news out of all this is that James Rodriguez is back in action and he did it in style.

What do you think about Bayern Munich having James Rodriguez back to good form? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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