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The day a kick about with friends launched Kroos’ career

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Toni Kroos reveals how an ill-fated kick about with friends ended up being the catalyst for the kick start his career needed.

When we talk about the Toni Kroos of today and even the one of the past ten yeast for that matter, we would probably never consider his career to have been struggling.

However, if we roll the clock back 11 years, he was a 19-year-old Bayern Munich academy player desperate to get his chance.  But he was stuck on the bench and in the reserves with no hope of breaking into a formidable first team.

It turns out that an injury he picked up playing football with friends changed everything and evidently helped him get the chance he so desperately craved.

Kroos reveals that after getting injured when playing football when he wasn’t supposed to be, Bayern farmed him out on loan. This ended up giving him the chance to show what he could do and the rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking on his podcast Einfach mal Luppen, he finally reveals a truth that he would not have dared told the club back in the day.

Kroos said:

“I went to see friends while playing football, I fell over and tore a ligament, it kept me out of action for three months.”

“When Bayern club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt asked me how I sustained the injury, I told him while I was doing training runs in the forest.”

“You haven’t heard anything else to this day. Especially when it came out that it really was a torn ligament, I didn’t feel like explaining that it happened in football. Now after so much time, I can’t be punished for this.”

“I think Bayern would not have allowed me to move if I had been fit. I didn’t play much before anyway and then everything came together so that I was allowed to go to Leverkusen.”

After 16 months in Leverkusen, where he worked with Jupp Heynckes, he returned to Bavaria following the influential manager. 

He credits Heynckes for his development.

Kroos added:

“He was the coach that I had the longest, the one who helped me to gain a foothold in Leverkusen, the one who helped me to finally assert myself in Bavaria and helped me become a top player.”

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