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The ‘Domino Effect’ that Griezmann’s exit could cause

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Time to explain the ‘Domino Effect’ that Antoine Griezmann’s exit from Atletico Madrid could cause in the summer transfer window this summer.

Antoine Griezmann’s decision to leave Atletico Madrid next summer can cause ‘Domino Effect’ of catastrophic proportions in the transfer market.

The French forward announced this week that he is not going to continue to play for the Colchoneros because he wants to play for another club.

The general idea is that FC Barcelona could be the club that takes Griezmann to their ranks next season but there is no confirmation of that happening at all.

There are many options that the French forward could consider before definitely joining the Catalan club, we’ve already discussed it in a previous article.

However, there is a club that has the power and the marketing pull to seduce Griezmann into not playing for Barcelona next season.

Paris Saint-Germain presents itself as a viable option for the star to continue his career, the French giants already have Neymar and Kylian Mbappe on their ranks.

However, bringing Griezmann on board could also mean they have other plans for at least one of those two stars.

The most obvious player who could leave if PSG wanted to take one out of the equation in order to bring Griezmann would be Neymar.

The consequences of Neymar leaving PSG.

Let’s talk hypothetically here, Antoine Griezmann is a very appealing talent for a club like PSG and they would love to have him on the squad.

Diario AS is reporting that the French club wants to lure the player to their side by bringing other great talents on board.

However, the problem of Neymar remains because the squad obviously isn’t interested in letting Kylian Mbappe leave so soon.

The Brazilian player is arguably one of the biggest obsessions that Real Madrid has within its transfer priorities.

Antoine getting convinced by Paris Saint-Germain to play for the French giants could finally give Neymar the last push to play for Los Blancos next season.

We also can’t forget that Atletico Madrid is still going to sign Griezmann’s replacement. This substitute could either be Paulo Dybala, Edinson Cavani, or three other options that we previously explained.

Juventus would also have to move their chips on the transfer market and move for James Rodriguez, this would also activate the German giants into finding the best possible replacement for the Colombian player.

Antoine Griezmann’s exit from Atletico Madrid could be one of the most significant events in transfer market history.

We are upon the most significant transfer window ever.

Even though we already had a feeling that we could experience the most significant transfer window in modern football history, a player needed to take the first step.

Antoine Griezmann perhaps didn’t understand what his actions could cause, or the ‘Domino Effect’ that this decision to leave Atletico could create.

We will see all the major clubs in European football moving their pieces over the next three months.

We can’t think of a big club that won’t try to sign a new high profile player during the summer transfer window.

We are going to be extremely busy all summer reporting on what goes on inside the biggest clubs in the world.

We will also talk about the many options that these clubs have, and what the players will eventually decide to do with their future.

Antoine Griezmann was only the first step towards a very busy summer for everybody in Europe, including us.

We are willing to make predictions and see how many of them we nail about the transfer market.

Whatever club Antoine Griezmann chooses during the summer, we are convinced that this ‘Domino Effect’ is inevitable at this point.


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