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The English Football League has expelled Bury FC

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Bury FC is no longer part of the English Football League.

After 135 years as a professional football club, Bury FC is no more.

The news that fans not only of the club but of football itself had been dreading to hear was revealed late last night.

There were periodic statements through the day, as one deadline passed and brief extensions were granted as some kind of takeover deal was trying to be struck.

It simply appears that poor management of a club at boardroom level, left too little too late to salvage the clubs existence.

Here at Ronaldo.com, we brought you the story of a former board member protesting about the clubs current plight.

In a report from the BBC.co.uk, it was said:

“When the news broke at Gigg Lane, fans instantly let out a huge cry – for help, of disbelief.”

“Fans walked away in instant tears, some crouching down to the floor.”

The EFL’s Debbie Jevans said:

“It’s one of the darkest days in the league’s history.”

“I understand this will be a deeply upsetting and devastating time for Bury’s players, staff, supporters and the wider community.”

“There is no doubt today’s news will be felt across the entire football family.”

In an official statement she added:

“After a long and detailed discussion to withdraw Bury’s EFL membership with enormous regret”.

“No-one wanted to be in this position but following repeated missed deadlines, the suspension of five league fixtures.”

“In addition to not receiving the evidence, we required in regard to financial commitments and a possible takeover not materialising.”

“The EFL board has been forced to take the most difficult of decisions.”

There is obvious anger in the local community towards what they feel has been the almost deliberate destruction of the club they love.

There is no doubt that the blame lies squarely at the feet of the board and owner who have mismanaged a football club. To the point that no investor sees its salvation as a viable option.

There are growing concerns in the EFL now though for the future of another club.

A founding club of the league, Bolton Wanderers have been granted a 14-day time frame to resolve their financial issues. Either by showing they have the necessary funds to run the club or by completing a suitable takeover.

If they fail to meet this deadline, they face the same fate at Bury FC.