The FC Barcelona players prefer Neymar over Griezmann

According to a report from Marca, the FC Barcelona players have vetoed Antoine Griezmann’s signing and given Neymar the green light to return.

It’s been a wild day for FC Barcelona’s attempts to sign either Neymar or Antoine Griezmann, the Catalan club’s players apparently made a decision.

Many of the club’s biggest stars didn’t take the Frenchman’s games very well last summer.

They found his toying with the club even more hurtful than Neymar’s sudden decision to play at PSG back in 2017.

Even though Antoine actually made the choice to negotiate with Barcelona since April, the players are the ones who have the last word in this matter and they made their decision.

According to Marca, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have agreed that they want their friend Neymar back instead of Griezmann signing for the club.

However, the board of directors is actually looking into the possibility of bringing both players to the club.

We’ve already talked about the option that Barcelona is trying to complete this summer with PSG, a trade of Neymar plus three players and €100 million.

The total would go all the way up to €285 million once we count the value of all three players that Barcelona is willing to send to Paris.

This would leave Griezmann’s €120 million deal as a viable possibility for this same summer transfer window.

The only obstacle left for the club would be the Barcelona players, who don’t want Griezmann at the club.

Leo Messi disapproves of Griezmann’s arrival.

Even though we already know that Messi rarely speaks up about transfers, we do know that the Argentine player wasn’t satisfied with the results from this season.

The star made the decision to get a little more involved in the club’s transfers for the summer, which is why he is being constantly asked about his preferences.

In public, Leo has repeatedly spoken out in support of Neymar’s possible return.

He was really heartbroken when the Brazilian player decided to leave, and he has always kept a close relationship with him since he left.

Messi would like nothing more than to see Neymar wearing the FC Barcelona shirt once again, one that he should’ve never stop wearing in the first place.

The Argentine recently confessed that he has a chat with the Brazilian and Luis Suarez on Whatsapp, where they remain ins constant communication and keep their friendship more alive than ever.

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We bet that Messi has repeatedly asked Neymar to return to Barcelona through there, which is why the Brazilian has apparently made the decision to come back this week.

Mundo Deportivo’s cover for this Wednesday publishes a quote from Neymar, one in which he speaks directly to PSG’s Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

“I don’t want to play at PSG anymore. I want to go back home, from where I should’ve never left in the first place,” said Neymar to the PSG chairman according to Mundo Deportivo. 

Real Madrid also keeps the hope of signing Neymar.

Even though he is recovering from a series of injuries that nearly ended his career, Neymar is still regarded as one of the best players in the world.

The Brazilian star is only for his vacations to be over in order to return to Paris and fix his situation as soon as possible.

The recent statement where Nasser Al-Khelaifi suddenly changed his tune in regards to Neymar also has Real Madrid waiting for any new development.

Los Blancos are hoping that the player agrees to become a player for the club and finally come to Madrid to fulfill Florentino’s whim.

However, Zinedine Zidane has reportedly rejected all the propositions from the president because he doesn’t want Neymar at the club.

The player apparently only has Barcelona on his mind, which leaves things extremely difficult for Los Blancos.

With the negative response for Kylian Mbappe, Florentino maintained the hope that the Brazilian player would finally move towards his squad.

We will keep you all informed about any new development involving Neymar’s future at PSG or Barcelona.

Where would you like Neymar to continue his career, Real Madrid or Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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