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The future is looking grim for Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United

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Now that a bad preseason has ended for Manchester United, things are not looking well for Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils as there are many things they need to improve. 

As the Premier League’s new season is just days away from starting, we move our main focus to Manchester United, the club that Jose Mourinho currently manages and the most successful side in Premier League history. Throughout the preseason this summer, the Red Devils have not performed at their best of their capacity and leave us all with many doubts in respect to their performance. Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has complained during the whole process before and after every match, he has even stated that he feels relieved the preseason is now over because he deems it a waste of everyone’s time. Manchester United started this below average preseason performance with a draw against Club America, a Mexican club that made the English giants struggle throughout the whole ninety minutes of the match and gave Mourinho the first signs that this preseason filled with youngsters would be insufferable for him. 

Right after that draw against America, the manager spoke about the clear bad moment his youngsters are going through, he completely threw most of them under the bus while other English clubs had great preseasons with all their young players doing a great job with teams such as Liverpool or Manchester City. We all know this Jose Mourinho tactic in which he tries to get the best out of his players by calling them out in public, but this is yet another one of the obsolete strategies that the players no longer appreciate and have brought him many problems in the past at some of his former clubs. Mourinho hasn’t learned that Manchester United is a place where there are different ways to go about convincing the players, this lack of understanding his surroundings could ultimately be the reason he gets sacked early in the Premier League season. Not long after the match against Club America came another draw against the San Jose Earthquakes from the MLS, then another one against AC Milan which the Red Devils won in penalty kicks in the first game of the International Champions Cup.
But then the time came to play against Liverpool in the summer tournament that Mourinho clearly showed he doesn’t like, the Reds pummeled United with a 4-1 goal fest in which both sides played with many youngsters and Jürgen Klopp’s lads came out victorious. The Portuguese manager obviously came at his young players yet again, as he didn’t mention them directly but kept saying he couldn’t wait till the preseason was over and he even weirdly apologized to the fans who had spent their money to watch the top players of each European club but all they got were youngsters for the most part. This defeat was before an unexpected victory against Real Madrid, but that didn’t change Mourinho’s opinion about the summer season. Now United had only one more match to play against Bayern Munchen before heading back to England and properly prepare for the Premier League’s inaugural match against Leicester City at Old Trafford on Friday. Things are not looking good for Manchester United, but this could be another one of Mourinho’s strategies where he makes people think that everything is lost before the season even starts.

The last preseason match that the Red Devils played was against German giants Bayern Munchen this past Sunday, a game they lost 1-0 and marked the end of a failed preseason in which Jose Mourinho hardly had the time to prepare his best players for the start of the Premier League. The main complaint coming from the manager’s mouth is that he hasn’t been able to land a decent transfer before the season starts and he is afraid of the repercussions this might bring because he clearly sees the competition better prepared for the start of the tournament than his side: “Finally, it’s over. Finally, such a difficult pre-season is over. We don’t want to come here and lose badly by four or five. We want to get a certain image, a certain competition, which we did for our boys. In the week, we have to organize the week in a way so we can be fresh for Friday because, on Friday, the Premier League starts. We play for points and it’s with the players we have. There is no time to cry. Players are not going to be here on Friday and we have to go with best possible team and with a great mentality,” said Mourinho to the press right after United lost against Bayern Munchen.

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